Bozenna Pasik-Duncan Humanitarian Mentorship Award Winners

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Winner of The Bozenna Pasik Duncan Humanitarian Mentorship Award at the Returning Mothers Conference 2023

Dr. S. Karly Kehoe
Professor, Canada Research Chair, Atlantic Canada Communities

“Mentorship is crucial in inspiring, guiding, and empowering individuals to become future leaders. The Bozenna Pasik Duncan Humanitarian Mentorship Award recognizes exceptional individuals for their efforts in bringing better quality of life to others with selfless dedication.”

We are pleased to recognize the individuals who have been selected as Honorable Mentions for the Bozenna Pasik Duncan Humanitarian Mentorship Award. Their dedication to mentorship and humanitarian efforts exemplifies the spirit of this prestigious award.

Mr. Abhinav. R

Mrs. Jyothi Reddy Dudipala

Dr. Deepa Jose

Dr. Catuscia Palamidessi

We thank all participants for their remarkable contributions and look forward to continued excellence in mentorship and humanitarianism at RMC 2024.

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