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Call for Speakers!!

Great news! The IEEE Returning Mothers Conference (RMC) is back for its 2023 edition, and we are excited to announce the ‘Call for Speakers’! We are looking for dynamic and engaging speakers to share their experiences and insights on a range of topics related to women in engineering.
As a speaker you will have  five topics to choose, each with a specific focus:

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As an educational technology specialist, an individual can focus on integrating technology tools and resources into educational settings. You would help develop and implement technology-based learning strategies, train educators on using educational technology effectively, and provide technical support.

Learning experience designers focus on creating immersive and engaging learning experiences using technology. They design user-centric learning journeys, incorporating elements such as gamification, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and interactive simulations to enhance learning outcomes.

There are numerous self employment opportunities for anyone who wish to spend time according to their priorities. Setting up cottage industries, such as manufacturing homemade goods like soaps, candles, paper products, textiles, or food items, can provide self-employment opportunities for themselves and a number of others too. Technology oriented self employment training on website design, AI based tools development, Data management tools can be provided.

Goals are the prime targets of one’s existence. Many of us set our goals very high which becomes difficult to achieve or very small, which does not use our potential. The speaker is expected to deliver the ways of visualizing the path to achieve the goals and also emphasize the necessity of staying accountable to the same.

We invite speakers from all backgrounds and industries to register now for talks, workshops, and panel discussions. Grab this opportunity to inspire others with your knowledge and establish connections with a wide range of business professionals and amateurs!

To register, please visit our website and fill out the online form – The deadline for submissions is June 10, 2023. We look forward to hearing from you and creating an engaging and informative conference for all attendees.


Well! Who doesn’t want to be their own boss? What if it is like, “ I work when I like and I like what I work on”? This may sound ideal, however, let us give it a try and explore our inner strength and work on what we like. How to identify when there is an imminent burnout? How can we make ourselves enjoy what we do? Creativity is something we all are born with. But you need to Work at Your Own Pace (WAYOP) and space to trigger your imagination and creativity. 

Work at your own pace Track (WAYOP) at the Returning Mother Conference aims to inspire both men and women who have taken a break from their careers due to other responsibilities to pursue their passions and generate innovative business ideas. Most of the women who take a break for family reasons find it too daunting to manage the time demands of both family and work. However many of the women have found a way to circumvent this challenge. They take a part time job which will not demand too much of time or fixed time, keeping their skills from rusting at the same time maintaining financial independence. Some women utilize the time to learn new skills which can be a boon when they decide to rejoin their job.

About Work At Your Own Pace Track:

This track provides a glimpse of many professions which can offer you freelancing, work from home, self employment and make you your own boss. Speakers will be talking about each of the different careers that can let you manage your own time and still earn a living. You need to know the skills required to be developed for these careers and rather than sticking with conventional methods, our program encourages women to explore new ideas, maximize their potential, and further their personal growth. 

With advancement of technology we have means of applying our imagination for anything from food,interior design, architecture and landscape designing to apparel, healthcare and beauty,wellness and fitness industries. Throw in blogging and podcasting and you have your own business set up. Learn about how to market these skills and develop your own business. Meet people to connect with you and your business.

Track Objectives:

Track Audience:

Track Format: ​

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