Innovation And Entrepreneurship


          The Innovation and Entrepreneurship track calls for some innovative ideas that has a potential to be transformed into a successful business model. Given below  are the categories:

Category 1 - Healthcare : It will include innovative ideas to provide solutions for health-related issues. This includes modern public health challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health, nutrition and diet, and many other related topics.

Category 2 - Community : This track will address some of the most critical societal issues today. It can include topics such as diversity, equity, and inclusion, community service with a creative and unique perspectives.

Category 3 - Sustainability: It will focus on the ideas which will make our lives more sustainable including but not limited to teaching others how to ethically consume and creating greener technologies for the future.

Category 4- Security and Safety: This Track will focus on the ideas which will help to make our belongings, products, and services more reliable. This will build up the confidence of  a user in that product or service.


         This registration is open to any individual who is looking for a perfect platform to demonstrate their innovative ideas and are willing to learn and explore new things. Get to hear from the experts and make the most out of these enlightening sessions.

      Ideathon is for enthusiastic women who love to brainstorm new original ideas which solve real-life problems. All submitted ideas will be evaluated by the panel of jury members based on some evaluation criteria.

Maximum 30 ideas will be selected for the round 1, the selection will depend upon the following factors:

  • Scale and Complexity of the problem / solution being explored
  • Creativity / Innovation of Solution
  • Probability of Implementation

Selected groups need to present their ideas in front of the Jury Panel. Registration is mandatory for idea presentation.

Based on the presentation, a maximum of 15 ideas will be selected in round 2 for further mentoring and the PitchFest will depend on below parameters:

  • Scale and Complexity of the problem / solution being explored
  • Creativity / Innovation of Solution
  • Probability of Implementation
  • Social / People Vs Financial Impact
  • Quality of Presentation /Prototype

Selected 15 ideas need to register for the pitchfest. The most innovative, unique and thoughtful ideas, presented in the Ideathon (activity 2) and mentored by experts in activity 3, will be given a chance to showcase their business model in pitchFest and step towards bringing their idea to life.

Eminent speakers from various domains will be invited to mentor and help participants in their new idea generations. These innovations can be moved forward for further commercialization. This will help them to be more independent and confident. The participants will get information regarding various initiatives taken by the Government, NGOs and other agencies.

Final comprehensive business plan and prototype to be showcased by the selected teams during the final round of the Ideathon.