Novelty & Invention


             “Novelty and Invention” is the third track for creating awareness among people regarding Intellectual Property. This can provide meaningful engagements and empower the participants, towards strengthening employability. 

             Intellectual Property is the key element needed to maintain a competitive edge in the market. It is an intangible asset in which businesses can convert into usable resources to generate a competitive advantage. Intellectual Property in today’s economy is perhaps the most important asset that an organization can possess. India is currently a major Hub for the R&D sector, which opens a plethora of opportunities to the unemployed.

What are the main objectives?

  • Sensitizing participants about Intellectual Property.
  • Career prospects in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) towards improving employability.
  • Creating Awareness about various schemes of Govt. of India.

Who will be the speakers?

Controllers from Indian Patent Office, renowned lawyers from Law firms.

For more details please check the speaker’s page.

Who must attend Novelty and Invention track and what age group will be most benefited ?

Participants from STEM background, from academia, industry or research organizations. It will be useful to all the age groups.

What are the programs planned under Novelty and Invention Track?

Keynotes & Experts sessions, Quizzes and a lot more will be revealed soon.