Inspire and Engage Track

Inspire and Engage Track

       Caring for and nurturing others is not only required of women, but it’s also often second nature to them. It’s only fair that we’re also taken care of in turn. The potential of women in their enterprises – in organized or unorganized sectors is vastly undermined which reflects in the poor growth of the economy. This will result in a stronger household economy, better education for the children, and greater healthcare knowledge for both men and women. Female participation in the workforce has been associated with higher economic growth in countries that support it.

Men are likewise concerned about unemployment, especially in this pandemic moment. Gender norms and the pressures on men to conform to these roles are also issues that must be addressed.

Due to numerous socio-economic and cultural variables, the number of women and men quitting their jobs or discontinuing their careers is on the rise. By offering skill development workshops, role model celebrations, and mentorship, the The Returning Mothers conference encourages everyone who wants to come back to mainstream by providing skill development courses, role model celebrations, and mentorship.

About Inspire and Engage Track

Inspire and Engage highlights the importance of upskilling oneself on the journey of returning to careers based on the market requirement so that,  mapping of  jobs with the skills can be done:

  1. Preparing for the break with an intention to return.
  2. Keeping up the motivation and being at the top of the market trend during the break.
  3. Knowledge on how to upskill oneself.
  4. Developing a network before the break and keep it alive while on the break.
  5. Identify and interact with a mentor who can advise on professional as well as personal front.


What kind of programs we have?


Professional Skill Development
Communication, planning, technical and finance education:
  •  Workshop on professional communication – speaker TBD
  •  Workshop on planning the break – speaker TBD
  • Workshops on financial management - speaker TBD
Social Skill Development
Changing the mindset, getting the mentorship, networking, improving the attitude:
  • HELP IS HERE!! FEEL SUPPORTED!! – Women in Associations Panel – IEEE WIE, Association of Women Mathematicians, SWE and others
  • WHEN YOU HIT THE BOTTOM, YOU CAN ONLY RISE – Radhika Gupta - the girl with the broken neck
  • BEING HAPPY IS NOT BEING SELFISH – Round table discussion on what you love most and how to achieve it – SWOT analysis - mentors from AFH and WEP?
Environment Enhancement
Creating policies, providing encouragement, working towards change:
  • What are the best practices for creating a Safe Space for Women at Work?  
  • What policies are to be created to ensure unconscious bias?
  • Introducing the industries who have implemented them.


Plan for the Break
Enjoy the Break
Gain Clarity
Make Return Plans
Get, Set and Go!!