About Entrepreneurship Track


Entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness to create, plan, and manage a business operation, including all of its risks, with the goal of turning a profit. Starting new enterprises is the most well-known example of entrepreneurship. They may be categorized as tiny, home-based businesses and large corporations. Largely, improved economic growth and stability within a nation are due to women entrepreneurs. Other women are motivated to launch enterprises by female entrepreneurs. This results in more jobs being created for women, which eventually aids in closing the gender wage gap. By offering alternative management strategies, women entrepreneurs generate new jobs for themselves and others. The Returning Mother Conference’s Entrepreneurship Track is created to educate women on career advancement and offer guidance on establishing their own enterprises.


The Entrepreneurship Track seeks to motivate women who have taken a break from employment due to other responsibilities and to encourage them to follow their passions by coming up with original company ideas. In contrast to continuing with tried-and-true ways, our route encourages you to investigate new ideas, maximize your potential, and further your personal progress. Women are encouraged to work independently since doing so boosts job satisfaction because they are responsible for setting up their own tasks, developing their self-esteem, and even being more willing to take a risk on their own.

What is the track for?

Women entrepreneurs play a significant role in producing jobs, wealth, poverty reduction, human development, education, health, and nation’s development, especially in developing countries. Out of 100 entrepreneurs in India, only 7 are female, says the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs. As per the Google-Bain report, only 20% of businesses in the country are owned by women. There are many problems and challenges faced by women who are interested in starting and running their own companies. The Returning Mother Conference’s Entrepreneurship Track is created to boost their confidence level and to provide knowledge on entrepreneurs and the development of ideas

Who can participate under this track:

All the above can participate in the entrepreneurship track to advance their careers and launch their own enterprises.