About Empowerment Track

“Never dream about success, work for it” is what success is meant to be to one who wishes to win it!
IEEE Returning Mothers conference 22 is exclusive for ones who need a helping hand to achieve what one is desired for. This platform, Empowerment track provides a friendly and expertise perspective to give a firm base to dustup the hurdles which are blocking the destination. It even provides clarity on how to move forward to achieve the fixed target. To be focused on what to do rather than getting distracted when the self-assurance is lagging back is important, and to let that happen sustained support is required. The Empowerment Track Committee gives a perfect key to unlock the room with one’s desired destination together with one’s sustain and to achieve the goal even if the surroundings makes it hard to let give up at mid of the journey. Give oneself another point of view to get and know what’s yours.

The one who returns or takes a primitive step in their career faces a lot of blocking phases in physical and rational space giving it a back base to empower them to success, is the primary motive of the Empowerment Track. Since “The future depends on what you do in the present” is considered not just a saying but a divine fact. It is believed and being executed by the track to hunch the desire.

What is the track for?

Stay focused

When a person is working towards one's target, the surrounding is mostly composed of controversies, to get oneself concentrated and focused this track helps vital to avoid them.

Lift up

One who is returning back on track or taking the first step faces a lagging block, thus to provide oneself a chance to explore the block in a well-set position by sharing with an expert to get the solution right away

Step forward

Take just a step forward and be a spokesperson to share the stuff one has to empower. Always be ready to observe and strengthen the one who needs

Who can participate under this track:

The one who is interested and spirited with the will to achieve something with the wide mind of an idea to win one goal can reserve the place over here

Those taken an interval in their career and now getting back on track, meet the great mentors to upskill and get updated. Then enter the competitive world for the refurbished version of oneself.

The knowledge seeker fits perfect into this platform to get a wider impact on entrepreneurship career development

Significance to create an effect on the one who is much interested to gain a word from the imminent speaker on the career base.