About Education Track


The education track is to involve a great knowledge of technical, non-technical, communication skills, entrepreneurship, personality development and innovative ideas. Education is an important tool for each and every human to face and compete with the world. Through this track, one can expand horizons and learn how to boost an academic career as well as a professional career. In this track, all the individuals who value education can gain ample knowledge on how to analyze, inculcate and improve moral development. Various speakers around the globe will share their thoughts and insights on the new education policy for schools and college students which will create awareness among the parents and the children.


The aim of this track is to inspire participants to gain a fundamental understanding of innovative teaching and learning methods, career opportunities, communication skills, personality development, and to create awareness about education. The track also fosters attention on how education brings about sustainable development and to unbox the knowledge to people about primary and secondary education so that the same can be used for a better future.

What is the track for?

Education enables upward socio-economic mobility and is a key to escaping poverty. Education as a sector has great potential in improving the lifestyle of individuals. Today education is not limited to classroom teaching, but a wide range of options are available to anyone who wants to learn. This in turn has also increased avenues of revenue for those who wish to take it up as a career option. Education thus has a lot to offer, and we in Returning Mothers Conference 2022 – Education Track bring to you a special dedicated track that will provide you with insights to the opportunities that Education has for all of us.
Through this track, we aim to provide awareness regarding all the policies that are adopted to make education more industry relevant, interpersonal skills that are required to sustain one’s career, and ways through which education as a sector can be the solution to long-standing societal issues. One can broaden their perspectives and learn how to advance both their academic and professional careers through this track.

Who can participate under this track: