Sangay Tenzin

Director, Human Resources and Corporate Services, Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC), Bhutan

Mr. Sangay Tenzin currently heads the Human Resources & Corporate Services of Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC). Over the last 17 years, he has served BPC in various capacities as Chief Internal Auditors of BPC, Sr. Manager in Planning & Rural Electrification Division, Executive Engineer in the Operation & Maintenance Division and as a Project Manager in Urban Electrification Division. Besides his regular job responsibilities, he was involved as a project manager and team leader for the various external funded projects, including ADB’s “Improving Gender-Inclusive Access to Clean & Renewable Energy” Project.
Mr. Tenzin holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the Thammasat University, Thailand and a Master of Business Administration from The Australian National University, Australia.

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