ken stauffer

2021Chair, IEEE Entrepreneurship

Ken Stauffer has spent 30+ years in the telecommunications industry. He began his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories in Holmdel, NJ after receiving his AAS from Vaughn College, a BSEE from Pratt, and an MSEE from Polytechnic University in New York City. At Bell Labs, Ken worked in Data Services Performance where he and the team designed a system called Packet-ASPEN to measure performance in packet networks and to establish a Data Applications Labs. Later, Ken moved into the International Operations Group to design and deploy AT&T’s Global Network Management Center in NYC, and to deploy the Centers in Europe alongside a Pan-European Frame Relay network. For AT&T’s Global Strategy and Business Development Group, Ken developed business and technical models for WORLDPARTNERS2, participated in the creation of CONCERT, the AT&T/BT Joint Venture, and managed AT&T’s business relationship with Japan Telecom in Japan.

Ken left AT&T in 2000 to become an entrepreneur as part of a management team founding EPIK Communications--a $460M start-up in Florida. He designed EPIK’s advanced services strategy, created both the Product Innovation Group and EPIK Labs, implemented a suite of “enlightened” IP and Ethernet products, and served as EPIK’s Senior Vice President of Operations and Chief Technology Officer. He also led a team to create the vision for “The NAP of the Americas” in Miami which was later sold by Terremark to Verizon in 2011 for $1.4B.

In Jan 2003, Ken formed Technology Assurance Labs to provide consulting, design, and testing services to venture capital groups, network equipment manufacturers, and service providers. He also founded Cypress Equipment, a product sales company. Starting in 2010, Technology Assurance Labs develop RFID products for the rail industry and IoT products for the propane and natural gas industry.  Ken served as CEO for both companies for 15 years, before stepping down to become Chair of the Board of Directors.

Ken was born and raised in Tanzania, East Africa, he is a Life Senior Member of IEEE, and he co-founded the IEEE Entrepreneurship Initiative in 2015. He currently serves as the 2020-2021 Chair of the IEEE Entrepreneurship and the Chair of the  Vaughn College Board of Trustees in NYC.