Joanne Wong

General Partner, REDDS Capital

Joanne is General Partner of REDDS Capital, a Californian-based VC firm investing in global early-stage & seed-level IT startups. She has worked with IBM, HP, SAP, and Cisco in multiple technical, market development, and strategic investments positions. She is a mentor/advisor for multiple startups.

Joanne is Co-Founder/CEO of a health startup, SciosHub, providing a unified data and project management platform for life science researchers. She was Executive Director of a healthcare charity startup, The SuperComputer for Cancer Research, providing free green access to high-performance computational resources for cancer researchers. She has had startups in 3D simulations for learning.

Joanne will be the 2022 Chair of IEEE Entrepreneurship. She is Member at Large (2021) and was Vice Chair, Industry & Investor Activities (2020) of IEEE Entrepreneurship. She was Secretary, IEEE TEMS Executive Committee and Board of Governors (2019 to 2021).