About RMC 2022


The goal of the Returning Mothers Conference is to encourage and support individuals in returning to the workforce. By putting up a conference that focuses on entrepreneurial training and business setup support, the conference supports individuals who want to maintain their professional lives. Additionally, it offers a very interactive platform to foster communication, creativity, and teamwork for the select group’s empowerment, engagement, and development of innovative minds. The conference discusses how to connect attendees with businesses that are eager to hire women and welcome them back into the national or international workforce.
The conference deliberately provides an interface to those who want to resume their careers and have the chance to build their own businesses and exercise their creative sides.


IEEE Returning Mothers conference is dedicated to helping those who want to get back to work. The main goals of this conference, which is primarily for individuals looking to return to the workforce, particularly in the fields of science and engineering, are to act as an intermediate between those seeking employment and the businesses that are interested in hiring them as well as to support those seeking employment by giving them entrepreneurship training and assisting these emerging entrepreneurs in launching their own startups. In addition, RMC fosters returning citizens who want to re – launch their careers.

Concisely, Returning Mothers conference aims to serve as a cooperative and interactive platform that trains participants’ minds and equips them for the future.



IEEE Returning Mothers Conference hopes to serve as a platform for helping those who are returning to the workforce by providing them with everything they need to find employment. In particular, the conference wants to boost the number of women returning to the workforce, expand the opportunities for people to start their own businesses, and encourage more employers to take on returning workers. In a nutshell, RMC envisions to improve the quality of life and be a stepping stone in these individual’s lives.


RMC 2022 Our Milestone


Workshop facilitated by ‘Systers Pass It On’ award of Anita Borg


Coimbatore, India

IEEE Women in Engineering facilitated the workshop (WIE)


Coimbatore, India

Conference supported by IEEE WIE, Computer Society, & World bank


Bangalore, India

E-symposium supported by IEEE WIE, Computer Society, World Bank


International virtual

“Be the Change you want to see in the World” Conference hosted by IEEE Women in Engineering


International virtual

“Empowering the Power”

with a special theme of “Self-Empowerment” and “Strengthening our Heritage through Cutting Edge Technologies” Conference organized by IEEE Singapore Section and IEEE Chandigarh Subsection.


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