About the
Returning Mothers Conference


      With a determined objective to help men & women scientists and engineers who ought to come back to professional life, the conference lay stress on providing an interface with the industry that is willing to hire all the interested professionals out there to join or rejoin the national/international workforce. The two days of the conference also focuses on providing Entrepreneurship-Training and setting up new business end to end. It will be an opportunity for the accumulations to explore the creative side and find an opportunity to start their venture. In short, the conference will aim at providing a highly interactive platform to foster the interaction, innovation, and collaboration for empowering, engaging, and developing an innovative mindset for the selected gathering. Following are the things you can expect from us.

Diversified Speakers

Tremendous opportunities to interact, connect and colloque with top-notch speakers.


Build (or expand!) your network and have a massive scope of acquiring influential mentors, creating long-lasting friendships, and making a difference for the advancement of humanity.


Equip yourself with the values and practices to enhance your entrepreneurial mindset and to develop strategies to communicate, influence, and engage.


Feel Empowered

An incredible chance for all attendees to learn more about yourself, your passions in technology and to discover your strengths and weaknesses.


Be motivated to lead! Learn about delegating the responsibilities, finding the right team and being a role model. Enjoy spreading the positivity around.

Have Fun

Learn more about different technology fields through the special workshops designed for delegates about the latest innovations, acquire practical exposure, teaming up with like-minded people across the world.


       With 50% of working women leaving their jobs after a short period of 3 -4 years into their career, it is essential to support them to return to the workforce. Rediscovering this lost talent pool can help the country’s economic growth and enhance the quality of life.
Launched six years ago as a small workshop for the Returning Women in Coimbatore, India, the conference was to inspire any person to transition into a sustainable career after a break. The first conference was organised in 2019 in Bangaluru with the support of IEEE Computer Society and the WePOWER network of the World Bank Group on Energy and Extractives. In 2020, the conference was conducted as the WIE E Symposium with a focus on Returning Mothers in Pune and as Returning Mothers track of WIE ILS by Madras Section. This year it is planned to be conducted by IEEE Madras WIE in collaboration with India Council WIE and other Section WIE Affinity Groups in India.


  • Identify the various requirements for the individual to return – such as mentorship, skill development and external and internal support.
  • Empower and encourage the gathering to take up second careers
  • Create awareness on the importance of planning for the break
  • Sensitize the employers about providing opportunities for people willing to come back
  • Bridging the gap between mentors and mentees from industry and academics, thereby providing a strong network.